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Cheney's Putin Plan McClellan on Plame Leak The Musharraf Mash Mukasey Mulls Waterboarding Bush, Cheney: Iran, WMD
12.12.07 Cheney's Putin plan ... Bush succeeds him as president and ...
11.20.07 McClelland and Rove discuss the Plame leak.
11.04.07 Musharraf imposes emergency rule in Pakistan ... The Musharraf mash.
11.01.07 Attorney general nominee Mukasey mulls waterboarding.
10.26.07 Bush, Cheney repeat Iraq WMD propaganda on Iran.

Bush as Kid ... Wiretaps Begin Extraordinary Rendition Zone Bush Prays about Torture Cheney Pipe Dream ...Iran Eviromental President
10.10.07 Rod Serling introduces the extraordinary rendtion zone.
10.05.07 Bush prays about torture ... "Bushie, heck of a job."
10.03.07 Cheney pipe dream ... Cheney tells Bush they're riding on Iran.
09.28.07 George W. Bush ... The environmental president.

McCain a Baptist? Senate Pans Petraeus Ad Bush, Petraeus and God Bush Moves Iraq Goal Post Foot-Tapping in the Stall
09.25.07 In South Carolina, John McCain says he's not an Episcopalian but a Baptist.
09.21.07 Senate passes resolution condemning MoveOn.org betray us ... Petraeus ad.
09.13.07 Bush prays re: Petaeus, his calling, Fox News.
09.05.07 Bush moves his goal post for success in Iraq ... Presto-Chango.
08.31.07 Fred Thompson announcement trumped by Sen. Larry Craig's foot tapping.

Cheney, Bush on Katrina Gonzales Resigns Duckya quacks "Quagmire" Deja Poo: Iraq is WWII Again Selling Rudy with 911
08.29.07 Bush and Cheney remember hurricane Katrina on 2-year anniverary.
08.27.07 Alberto Gonzales resigns and gives reason.
08.23.07 George Duckya Bush quacks "quagmire" instead of "quack."
08.22.07 Deja Poo: Bush says Iraq is World War II again ... attack on Pearl Harbor.
08.18.07 Rudy Giuliani and Judith in American Gotham with 911 theme; selling Rudy.

Karl Rove Resigns Bush Brings on the Wapture Global Warming Summit Cheney Tutors Gonzales An Alberto Toon Festival
08.14.07 Karl Rove resigns.
08.08.07 Bush brings on Armageddon so that the Wapture has begon.
08.04.07 Bush mistakes "snowball farming" for "global warming" and calls a summit.
07.31.07 Cheney tutors Gonzales on how to respond to his critics.
07.27.07 Alberto toon fest ... collection of cartoons about Gonzales' troubles.

Bush Tries Fear Tool ... Again Republican Ventriloquism Al Qaeda in Messy Potato Sen.Vitter's Values Bush: Iraq Obsession
07.25.07 Bush tries to scare us about Al Qaeda in Iraq so we'll support him.
07.19.07 Republican ventriloquism ... putting words in the troops' mouths.
07.13.07 Bush links Iraq in Mesopotamia --Messy Potato -- to 9-11.
07.11.07 Republican Senator David Vitter of D.C. madam fame states his principles..
07.09.07 Bush, the War President, explains that he's not obsessed with Iraq.

Baghdad McCain Bush-Putin Detente Roberts Court Majority "Angler" Cheney & Bush Bush Vetoes Stem Cell $
07.06.07 John McCain campaigns for president from Baghdad.
07.02.07 Bush and Putin dance: Dirty Detente-ing.
06.29.07 The Robert court majority: No stinking precendents.
06.26.07 Washington Post series on Cheney called "Angler" makes Bush jealous.
06.21.07 Petri dish POTUS: Bush vetoes stem cell research measure.

Praying Bush Hears Voices Harriet Miers Performs Rove at Justice Department Bush ... Putin, Cheny Souls That Guiliani Smile
06.18.07 Bush prays about his disasterous Middle East policy and hears voices.
06.14.07 Served a subpoena, Harriet Miers performs "Fealty in the First Degree."
06.08.07 Karl Rove at the Department of Justice.
06.01.07 Bush senses Putin's, then Cheney's soul ... Sodom and Gomorrah.
05.30.07 Guiliana's new campaign smile.

Monica: I Cross the Line Alberto Visits Sick Ashcroft Wolfowitz on Corruption King Abdullah & King Cheney Mod Squad vs. Bubble Squad
05.24.07 Monica Goodling: I cross the line.
05.21.07 Alberto Gonzales explains envelope he had in Johns Ashcroft's hospital room.
05.17.07 Wolfowitz distinguishes the corruption he said he'd fight against.
05.14.07 Saudi King Abdullah meets with King Dick Cheney.
05.10.07 Moderate Republicans tell Bush he's in a bubble ... The bubble squad.

The Wolfowitz Way First GOP Debate Tenet's Book and Torture Living in State of Denial The Two Tweedles
05.07.07 Paul Wolfowitz promised a new ear of accountability at the World Bank.
05.04.07 The first Republican candidate debate ... I'm Ronald Reagan.
04.29.07 George Tenet's book condemns run-up to Iraq, but brags on torture.
04.26.07 Reid says Bush living in state of denial, but Bush has comeback.
04.22.07 Bush thinks Gonzales Senate testimony was great ... Tweedle-Dumb...

Abortion: Father Knows Best Alberto: I Do Not Recall The New War Czar Rove: Back-Channel E-mail Cheney, Feith Easter Bunny
04.19.07 Supreme Court's ruling on abortion like Father Knows Best.
04.16.07 Bush preps Gonzales to testify to Senat re: Iglesias firing ... Stepford.
04.12.07 White House has trouble finding new War Czar ... Beetle Bailey.
04.10.07 Rove sits right down and writes back-channel e-mail.
04.06.07 Cheney's Qaeda-Iraq source Doug Feith dressed as Easter Bunney.

Dowd: Bush Bubbled In Kyle Sampson: Alberto Knew Alberto on Fired U.S. Attorneys Bush on Fired U.S. Attorneys Tony Snow on Attorney Firings
04.01.07 Matthew Dowd criticizes Bush in interview as isolated, secluded, bubbled in.
03.30.07 Kyle Sampson testifies that Alberto knew about U.S. Attorney firings.
03.26.07 Alberto Gonzales: U.S. Attorney firings not his fault ... he just delegated.
03.21.07 Bush dinner hour TV speech on fired U.S. Attorneys.
03.19.07 Tony Snow shifts and drifts on who's responsible for U.S. Attorney firings.

Alberto on Fired U.S. Attorneys Cheney, Halli- burton...Surge FBI's Mueller & Hoover Snoop Scooter Libby Guilty The Walter Reed Mess
03.15.07 Alberto Gonzales on torture, snooping and U.S. Attorney firings.
03.13.07 Dick Cheney trashes war critics on the Halliburton surge into Dubai.
03.12.07 FBI's Mueller meets ghost of Hoover re: national security letters.
03.07.07 Scooter "Fall Guy" Libby found guilty.
03.05.07 Bush, the war president, talks about the Walter Reed mess.

Bush Tours Katrina Cheney and Afghan Bomb Bush Iraq Costs: Charge it. Bush on British Pull-out Lieberman Explains Gore
03.01.07 Bush tours the Hurricane Katrina disaster scene again.
02.28.07 Cheney: They didn't wake Bush to tell him about the Taliban bomb.
02.26.07 Bush charges costs of Iraq war and checks his limits for Iran.
02.21.07 Blair announces draw-down of British troops in Iraq.
02.19.07 Joe Lieberman ponders how he ever ran with Al Gore.

North Korea Nuke Pact Douglas Feith ...Intel Twist Scalia and Constitution Decider and Decidees Bush Distracts With Iran
02.14.07 Bush on North Korea nuke deal with Cheney ... Kim in tow.
02.12.07 Douglas Feith does the twist with pre-war intel ... Chubby Checker.
02.08.07 Justice Scalia argues Constitution not a living organism, featuring Ginsburg.
02.05.07 Bush says he's the "decider," so we're the "decidees" ... into quicksand.
01.15.07 Bush attempts hypnotism on iran.

07.25.06 Bush talks to stem cells and longs for a stem cell Congress.
03.21.06 Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld adrift on Iraq for three years go stark raving mad.
03.20.06 Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney spin Iraq and collide with Allawi.
03.17.06 Bush uses democracy to justify Iraq when no WMD, and seeks to shape world.
03.16.06 Bush preps Stephen Hadley to present National Security Strategy.
03.15.06 Bush, Rumsfeld: Iran supplying I.E.D. components to Iraq...Cheney...Bolton.
03.14.06 Bush's Iraq speech at George Washington University.
03.13.06 John McCain makes a dark pact and embraces the Bush White House.
03.10.03 Condoleezza says Iran our greatest challenge...and Iraq?
03.09.06 Rumsfeld spins Iraq as being falsely reported by media.
03.08.06 Cheney congratulates Sen. Pat Roberts on killing NSA spy inquiry.
03.07.06 South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds signs abortion ban.
03.06.06 Spreading freedom and democracy...Bush-Musharraf style.
03.03.06 Bush gets mangoes for India nuke agreement.
03.02.06 Long-range Bush brain scan shows unusal growth; Katrina video tape leaked.
03.01.06 Return of Bubble Boy as Bush says no civil war in Iraq and more.
02.28.06 Bush, Cheney polls bottom out at 34% and 18%; Cheney rumored to retire.
02.27.06 A nuanced Bush on the Dubai Ports deal delay in a role reversal with Dems.
02.24.06 Laura Bush wants to know what the stink is ... Dubai Ports?
02.23.06 Frances Fragos Townsend presents White House report on Kartrina.
02.22.06 Rove reviews the Dubai Ports World matter; ties to the White House; Carter.
02.21.06 Bush transforms to alt energy guy to offset low ratings from high gas prices.
02.20.06 Bush wants legislation approving his N.S.A. spying; impeachment insurance?
02.17.06 The Patriot Act gets cosmetics and is about to be extended.
02.16.06 Cheney: Vice Declassifier...says can declassify documents. Help for Libby?
02.15.06 Cheney's staff leaves Scott McClellan out of the loop on Cheney shooting.
02.14.06 Bush, Cheney on Cheney's shooting a man while hunting.
02.10.06 Libby says Cheney authorized leaking classified info, but Bush isn't firing him.
02.09.06 Alberto Gonzales wraps himself in flag to address spying.
02.08.06 Bush, Cheney...Memorial service for Mrs. King...Carter on Spying.
02.07.06 The Bush budget ... fairy tale?
02.06.06 Gonzales told Senate Judiciary Committee warrantless wiretaps hypothetical.
02.03.06 Religion vs. Secularism...Muslims protest Danish cartoons depicting Muhammed.
02.02.06 Justice Department stonewalls Senate panel on its legal opinions on FISA court.
02.01.06 Lame Duckya delivers the State of the Union.
01.31.06 Bush and Hog write the State of the Union for 2006.
01.30.06 Bush on why he won't release Abramoff photos and meetings records.
01.27.06 Wolfowitz ... Hamas victory not what he predicted for Middle East.
01.26.06 Osama bin Laden gets a communique from the infidels re: his recent tape.
01.25.06 Gonzales gives Bush legal opinion on spying: Yes.
01.24.06 Bush and Gonzales display an early knack for warrantless surveillance.
01.23.06 Karl Rove's midterm election strategy summarized.
01.20.06 Ablerto lays Justice white paper on Bush, the "sole organ" for foreign affairs.
01.19.06 Bush, Cheney: illegal spying, illegal renditions, fate of imperial presidency.
01.18.06 Lady Justice is on to Alberto Gonzales fabricating Clinton also violated FISA.
01.17.06 Report: FBI's Mueller questioned legality of Bush domestic spying + Al Gore.
01.16.06 Bush and the specter of impeachment.
01.13.06 The elusive Judge Alito at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.
01.12.06 Bush and his law toy say he can order warrantless domestic spying.
01.11.06 Bush adopts his biking rules for others in the Iraq debate.
01.10.06 Alito is asked if he would show undue deference to presidential powers.
01.09.06 Judge Sam Alito takes his seat to testify and finds holy oil.
01.06.06 Bush portrayed as not in a bubble by meeting former cabinet secretaries.
01.05.06 Bush issues loophole signing statement on signing McCain torture bill.
01.04.06 Jack Abramoff cuts plea deal to kiss and tell.
01.03.06 Bush gets feedback from Gonzales on why Bush doesn't use the FISA court.
12.30.05 The Bush gang celebrates the new year and muses over possibilities.
12.29.05 Bush reads book, thinks he and Teddy Roosevelt are both Rough Riders.
12.28.05 Lady Justice's off-color commentary on Saddam trial, judge and Arlen Specter,
12.27.05 John Yoo discusses "yoo-hoo"s and all power to Bush in the constitution.
12.26.05 Bush explains while his illegal acts aren't shameful, but the leaks of them are.
12.23.05 Santa Cheney ... the dark Santa of torture.
12.22.05 Scott McClellan: Bush won't sign short-term extension of Patriot Act... but.
12.21.05 Cheney: What to do next after restoring the Imperial Presidency.
12.20.05 Bush, Nixon: I am not a dictator.
12.19.05 Bush defends executive orders and NSA domestic spying.
12.15.05 Bush's Hokie Pokie plan for victory.
12.14.05 Defense Department military spying on peaceful, anti-war groups.
12.13.05 Bush Philadelphia speech: No WMD, still attack...preemptive war...body count.
12.12.05 Bush not detached, in a bubble: Compares Iraq to post-WWII Japan.
12.09.05 Bad info from al-Libi to escape torture on Iraq-Al Qaeda link...Cheney's take.
12.08.05 Condi on Convention Against Torture...Out maneuvers Cheney?
12.07.05 Dominatrix diplomat Condi in Eurorpe...meets Mrs. Merkel...torture, renditions.
12.06.05 Dominatrix diplomat Condoleezza Rice defends secret prisons and renditions.
12.05.05 Barbara Bush urges her unpopular son to dump the top people around him.
12.02.05 Rumsfeld and Cheney: Being marginalized, Pace press conference, torture.
12.01.05 Karl Rove on Bush's military audiences ... prisoner in the White House.
11.30.05 Bush as lemming leader: Stay the course. Speech on Iraq.
11.29.05 Bush balancing act on immigration.
11.28.05 Bush ponders Americans thinking he misled them.
11.23.05 Alberto Gonzales announces indictment of Jose Padilla, the "Dirty Bomber."
11.22.05 History repeating itself...Cheney goes after administration critics Agnew style.
11.21.05 Charlie Chan in the case of the tell-tale code name ... Curveball.
11.18.05 John Murtha speaks out against Bush Iraq policy. Bush thinks Mothra attacks.
11.17.05 Libby tells Cheney about Woodward's bombshell.
11.16.05 Cheney's energy task force ... oil executives met with but denied it.
11.15.05 Bush: I am not a misleader. Nixons: I am not a crook.
11.14.05 Stephen Hadley defends Bush with indignation about misleading the country.
11.11.05 His credibility at stake, Bush fires back on misleading us to war.
11.10.05 Chalabi meets with Bush White House people to rehab himself.
11.09.05 Bill Frist calls for investigation of leak of secret C.I.A. torture prisons.
11.08.05 Bush says we don't torture and explains black sites.
11.07.05 Dick Cheney and Pat Roberts: cover-up competition...pre-war intel.
11.04.05 Bush tries to ride Alito to subject change and popularity, but it's not working.
11.03.05 Libby pleads not guilty.
11.02.05 Frist fumes...Reid and Rockefeller say no oversight of Bush by Republicans.
11.01.05 Cheney names Hannah his national security adviser, Addington his chief of staff.
10.31.05 Cheney's Halloween house of torture.
10.28.05 Breaking News: Libby indicted ... Rove not. Bush has work to do ... leaves.
10.28.05 Unique grand jury issues in the Plame leak investigation re: Rove and Libby.
10.27.05 An angry, jittery Bush (Jitterbush) awaits grand jury news his brain, Karl Rove.
10.26.05 Pinocchio argues to the Blue Fairy: Lying is a technicality--GOP Plame spin.
10.25.05 Libby's notes show Cheney told him about Plame; Cheney tries to legalize torture.
10.24.05 Blind Bill Frist and his blind trusts.
10.21.05 Rumsfeld and Cheney on Col. Lawrence Wilkerson calling them a secret cabal.
10.20.05 Bush and his brain, Rove, discuss new info about Bush knowing about Plame.
10.19.05 Cheney knows what Libby knows ... wearing the same suit.
10.18.05 Libby and Cheney go insane waiting on Fitzgerald...yellow cake, yellow cake.
10.17.05 Rove and Libby find new ways to pass the time awaiting Fitzgerald's decision.
10.14.05 Bush shows Miers and Rove a stress-relieving dance ... gets busted by Cheney.
10.13.05 George W. Bush with Harriet Miers ... reassuring conservative Christians.
10.12.05 Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby on Patrick Fitzergeral... Judith Miller testifies.
10.11.05 Rev. James Dobson says knows things he shouldn't about Harriet Miers.
10.10.05 Karl Rove...deeds, denials and signals-denies involvement in Plamegate to Bush.
10.07.05 Karl Rove in the target dance ... called back by Fitzgerald to the grand jury.
10.06.05 Bush and the war-speech ghost, L.B.J.
10.05.05 Bush: Use military in quarantine--says Miers shares his judicial philosophy.
10.04.05 "A pit bull in size 6 shoes." Bush describing SCOTUS nominee Harriet Miers.
10.03.05 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre ... The Tom DeLay remake.
09.30.05 Times reporter Judith Miller explains why she waited so long to testify.
09.29.05 Tom DeLay prays about being indicted.
09.28.05 Bush urges energy conservation...flies Air Force One to do leadership symbols.
09.27.05 Martha Stewart makes an empathy call to Bill Frist about insider trading.
09.26.05 Done with Rita photo-ops, Bush calls Cheney after his stent surgery.
09.23.05 Hurricane Rita evacuation: Chicken Little crossbreeds with cable news.
09.22.05 Bush tells Rove he's going on vacation as Hurrican Rita approaches.
09.21.05 Tom DeLay protests putting off Bush tax cuts because of spending on Katrina.
09.20.05 Evacuee tries bungee ride ... "Returning to the city of New Orleans."
09.19.05 Bush: The big part of the buck stops there.
09.16.05 Bush speech in New Orleans on Katrina recovery plan ... a quack and Rove.
09.15.05 Rove: Strategy shift on Katrina--Bush promise of giant dollars in speech.
09.14.05 Cheney and Bush on Bush's admitting mistakes and unsure on terrorism.
09.13.05 Cheney and Bush spiritedly discuss Bush's growing negative image and polls.
09.12.05 John Roberts high above in his ivory tower as hearings begin.
09.09.05 Cheney tours Gulfport and passerby yells, "Fuck you, Mr. Cheney."
09.08.05 Michael Chertoff reports from newspapers to Bush on bullets dodged.
09.07.05 FEMA head Michael D. Brown awaits a phone call from the White House.
09.06.05 Bush nominates John G. Roberts for Chief Justice to replace Rehquinst.
09.05.05 Karl Rove's plan for the aftermath of Katrina.
09.02.05 Churchill's bust and Bush ... Criticism of Bush's rhetoric on Hurricane Katrina.
09.01.05 FDA and morning-after Plan B pill...Crawford plays politics...Wood quits.
08.31.05 Churchill bust and Bush ... FDR ... and the British want bust back.
08.30.05 Rove tries to change subject from Sheehan, plus payback for his nickname.
08.29.05 Bush's bikes the treacherous Iraq Trail while on vacation.
08.26.05 Cindy Sheehan and Tammy Pruett ... who's pulling the strings?
08.25.05 John Bolton causes submits 750 amendents at U.N. -- Here's Johnny.
08.24.05 Bush bikes ... Iraqi women's freedom under the constitution.
08.23.05 Bush ... The "War President" ... again ... for first war of 21st Century.
08.22.05 An Iraqi cleric cheers Bush administration's going for Islam in goverment.
08.19.05 Dubya and the ghost of L.B.J. visit the ghosts of war protests past.
08.18.05 Cheney: Not a protestor in sight of the evil genius.
08.17.05 Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari...disagreement on Iraqi constitution minor.
08.16.05 Condoleezza Rice...Iraqis want equality for women in constitution.
08.15.05 Bush exercises to make good decisions ... no time left for Cindy Sheehan.
08.12.05 Tom "The Exterminator" DeLay and the Jack Abramoff indictment.
08.11.05 Rice genome mapped ... Bush confused on what genes.
08.10.05 Rumsfeld reflects on four-star general being relieved of command and torture.
08.09.05 Bush on protest-mom Cindy Sheehan, Bush twins and Iraq.
08.08.05 Bush boasts, "Power is being president."
08.05.05 Robert Novak says "bullshit" and walks off CNN set.
08.04.05 Bush: The return of "the war president."
08.03.05 Intelligent Design: Bush asks God if he, Bush, isn't proof of it.
08.02.05 Bush and Bolton at childhood recess: Early warning of recess appointment.
08.01.05 Karen Hughes: Undersecretrary of State for alliteration.
07.29.05 Bolton forgets interview with State Department Inspector General.
07.28.05 Council on Foreign Relations report blames Bush team for postwar Iraq chaos.
07.27.05 Republican senators bump defense bill in favor of gun bill.
07.26.05 Bush, Cheney on Fleischer and Gonzales learning Plame I.D. from newspapers.
07.25.05 The 12-hour gap...Alberto Gonzales as Nixon's Rose Mary Woods.
07.24.05 Securing leaks documents: Ashcroft's courtesy 12 hours to White House.
07.22.05 Sudan: Andrea Mitchell becomes the story and writes it, too.
07.21.05 Air Force One, July 7, 2003: INR memo--paragraph on Plame marked "secret."
07.20.05 Bush nominates John G. Roberts for SCOTUS.
07.19.05 Bush raises the bar for firing anyone on his staff who leaked in Plamegate.
07.18.05 Air Force One flight to Africa, July 7, 2003, with Bush, Powell & Plame memo.
07.15.05 Rove to Novak on Valrie Plame and Joe Wilson: "I heard that, too."
07.14.05 Gitmo in Wonderland ... the Schmidt - Furlow military report on abuse.
07.13.05 Karl Rove: A "subject" of the Plame investigation, but not a "target."
07.12.05 The odd White House plumbing ... a sewage leak and Karl Rove.
07.11.05 Karl Rove's name game: No name ... No guilt in Valerie Plame outing.
07.08.05 A terrorist-bombing rant spurred by the 7/7 bombing of London.
07.07.05 Rove says "Justice Gonzales" -- misspeak or the Word from on High?
07.06.05 Scribble news summary: G-8, biscuit teams, Bolton, military, Gonzales, Bush
07.05.05 Karl Rove: Like a moth to the Plame.
07.01.05 Bush, Rove co-opt the 4th and more to get Bush's numbers up.
06.30.05 Cowboy Bush lures terrorists to box canyon to find Iraq is not a box canyon.
06.29.05 The War President speaks.
06.28.05 Bush tries his how-hard-it-is speech on Cheney.
06.27.05 The Trial by Franz Kafka as bedtime story about arresting material witnesses.
06.24.05 Rove attacks liberals, here plotting with Bush to change the subject from failings.
06.23.05 CIA report: Iraq insurgency an international danger ... Cheney: In its last throes.
06.22.05 Rove reminds Frist that he's a puppet, not a real Senate Majority Leader.
06.21.05 Condi on Senate blocking Bolton ... messing with a kick upstairs?
06.20.05 An untuned Bush tries to show he's attuned to Americans' concerns.
06.16.05 Schiavo autopsy realeased ... Dr. Bill Frist makes a long-distance diagnosis.
06.15.05 Bush wants to saddle youth with social security that's ... broke?
06.14.05 What if Bush, Cheney got same aggessive press coverage as Michael Jackson?
06.13.05 Dick Cheney thinks Howard Dean is over the top.
06.10.05 Who took the speaker's fee: Cherie Blair (Tony Blair's wife) Cherie Booth?
06.09.05 Howard Dean's white, Christian party.
06.08.05 Justice Department seeks $10 billion instead of $130 billion in tobacco trial.
06.07.05 Supreme Court rules against medical marijuana with Scalia and Cheney.
06.06.05 Senate majority leader Bill Frist demonstrates his authority.
06.02.05 Bush distinguishes Sudan and Saddam ... with South African President Mbeki.
06.01.05 Bush bounces "goulash" ("gulag") off Cheney.
05.31.05 Cheney responds to Amnesty International over Gitmo gulag.
05.26.05 Bolton-backer Cheney baits the nominee over the classified NSA intercepts.
05.25.05 Bush, Cheney...nuclear option compromise, stem cell bill--lame duck?
05.24.05 Bush threatens veto of easing restrictions on stem-cell research.
05.23.05 Bill Frist and his demand for an up-or-down vote on judges ... Frist in the box.
05.20.05 Added preview of Thadeus & Weez with Darth Vader to the previous Scribble.
05.18.05 Frist, Cheney and the nuclear option on filibusters and judicial nominees.
05.17.05 Donald Rumsfeld weighs in on the Newsweek fiasco with some unintended irony.
05.16.05 The new face of justice -- Bush style. Karl Rove guides Priscilla Owen
05.12.05 Expose: What Bolton's hairdo hides.
05.11.05 Bush wiggles in from his trip to Cheney's amusement ... plus, of course, Iraq.
05.10.05 Cheney celebrates the imperial presidency, end of filibusters, judicial nominees.
05.06.05 Bush wants to sense Putin's soul modern style this time.
05.04.05 The Condi and Kim show: Condoleezza Rice and Kim Jong Il.
05.03.03 Army recruiting ... 2005 style.
05.02.05 Condoleezza Rice reacts to Laura Bush's desperate housewife joke.
04.29.05 The Blunt Brothers -- A.K.A. Bush and Bolton.
04.27.05 Bush backs DeLay -- Organ grinder and ...?
04.26.05 Cheney's take on Bush and Prince Abdullah holding hands.
04.25.05 Big dog Dick Cheney backs Frist in ending filibusters of judicial nominees.
04.22.05 John Bolton's evil twin--Assessments by Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice.
04.20.05 Tom DeLay thinks Justice Kennedy's use of Internet research outrageous.
04.19.05 The papal conclave and Senate Foreign Relations Committee cross wires.
04.18.05 Ralph Reed and his malignant wallet...Jack Abramoff and gambling money.
04.15.05 Condoleezza Rice defends John Bolton on kiss-up, kiss-down allegation.
04.13.05 John Bolton performs the kiss-up, kiss-down maneuver to perfection.
04.12.05 Rumsfeld still globe-trotting -- Afghanistan ... Iraq -- reveals his muse.
04.11.05 Tom DeLay reacts to criticism of his ethics.
04.08.05 Tom DeLay challenges judges ... says Congress can impeach them.
04.06.05 Tom DeLay's magic carpet ride.
04.05.05 Alberto Gonzales testifies in support of the Patriot Act ... Constitution quaint?
04.04.05 A fickle pharmacist refuses to fill birth control prescriptions based on his morals.
04.01.05 Report on bad intel on WMD in Iraq...dog sniffs out WMD stalwart Cheney.
03.30.05 Bush on the report of the commission on intelligence and WMD.
03.29.05 Bolton's U.N. Ambassador nomination opposed by 59 ex-diplomats.
03.28.05 President Bush on Air Force One flying to and away from the Schiavo matter.
03.25.05 Cowboy and Indians ... school shooting ... Dubya silent ... 'splains it.
03.23.05 Wolfowitz, Cheney and the World Bank ... a backgrounder.
03.22.05 Cheney--with dummies Dubya and Condi-- the new voice at State Department?
03.21.05 DeLay, Frist, legislation, feeding tube and the Terry Schiavo case.
03.18.05 Bush talks to God about torture.
03.16.05 Scott McClellan, rejecting GAO opinion on labeling propaganda and Fox News.
03.15.05 Bush nominates Hughes to make Muslims like America.
03.14.05 Dubya and the dragon..China passes law to use force on Taiwan independence.
03.11.05 Bush alter ego, Karen Hughes, is baaack, soon rejoining Bush and Rove.
03.09.05 Crediting Bush with all democracy movements goes over the top.
03.08.05 Bolton nominated U.N. ambassador...Rice's, Bolton's bangs...Cheney's power.
03.07.05 Michael Jackson makeover takes clue from Martha Stewart prison success.
03.04.05 Bill Frist flip flops on Social Security this year--Chain jerked by White House.
03.03.05 New Bush Social Security privatization push...Letting the big dog Cheney loose.
03.02.05 Court rules no one under 18 gets death penalty -- musings on ending it.
03.01.05 State Department's annual report on human rights abroad, while U.S. also guilty.
02.28.05 Condi Rice does stiletto diplomacy as a dominatrix diplomat.
02.25.05 Maybe Bush meant he planned to tango with Putin, not tangle with him.
02.23.05 Psycho Dubya ... Bush says he won't attack Iran, but all options are on table.
02.22.05 Lone Ranger Bush tries to form a posse of Euro-Tontos.
02.21.05 Bush Europlomacy, Day 1: Belgium king, Nato's Jaap de Hoop, France's Chirac.
02.18.05 The Negroponte Option: National intelligence director and his Honduras stain.
02.17.05 Bush denies his Iraq war is making the world more dangerous--spooks disagree.
02.16.05 The CIA secret-detainee dilemma as Porter Goss appears before Congress.
02.15.05 Bush explains his $82 billion supplemental emergency budget request.
02.14.05 Bush ... Neocons ... Iraq election results.
02.11.05 The Dean scream reinterpretted -- the screech of the Phoenix bird rising.
02.10.05 North Korean leader Kim Jong Il plays the nuke card.
02.09.05 Bush gets a makeover for Europe -- Condi style.
02.08.05 Bush's budget ... WMD in Iraq ... Cheney uncovers executive redundancy.
02.07.05 Bush, Cheney, "I am Charlotte Simmons," WMD, running in 08.
02.04.05 Dubya, Rummy, Alberto's Friday Funnies: social security, resign, confirm.
02.02.05 Bush and Hog write the State of the Union ... also SpongeBob.
02.01.05 Michael Jackon exercises his constitutional right to a jury of his peers.
01.31.05 Karl Rove throws the re-messaging long ball and scores with the Iraqi elections.
01.28.05 Dubya does Iraq democracy preview ... Condi calls for bold at state.
01.26.05 Alberto Gonzales gives context of the torture memos -- Iraqi torture.
01.25.05 Bush tells why he'll get billions more for Iraq...fuck up really, really big.
01.24.05 Rumsfeld's shadow goverment grows with his secret espionage unit.
01.20.05 Dubya does introspection at the inauguration.
01.19.05 My failed attempt to break my addiction to doing Scribble.
01.18.05 Little Condi Riding Hood suspicious of Grandmothers Rumsfeld and Cheney.
01.17.05 Bush explains his "accountability moment" over Iraq mistakes --trial, acquittal.
01.14.05 Cheney clears his crystal ball and sees WMD and Social Security crisis.
01.13.05 Two Thadeus & Weez strips on WMD added to yesterday's Scribble.
01.12.05 Bush and Cheney address end of hunt for WMD -- Cheney gets creative.
01.11.05 John Negroponte disputes "the Salvador option" syllogism about him and Iraq.
01.10.05 Scowcroft and Powell worry about Iraq while cheerleader Bush leads cheers.
01.07.05 Smiley Alberto Gonzales -- You can't tell a book by its cover.
01.05.05 Gonzales over his head in the torture issue engages in self-waterboarding.
The Gonzales confirmation and revisiting the torture memos.
01.03.05 Wonderland: Queen of Hearts, C.I.A. and Pentagon -- prison without trial.
12.31.04 A warm, fuzzy Happy New Year from the new Rumsfeld.
12.30.04 Bush was criticized over his slow response to the tsunami disaster.
12.28.04 Rumsfeld's rehabilitation stumbles as he misspeaks in Iraq on shot down plane.
12.27.04 C.I.A. "rendition" of terror suspects to other countries for interrogation.
12.23.04 "A Christmas Carol" ... The Rumsfeld version.
12.22.04 Repeat of FBI memos, plus Thadeus & Weez strip on our troops in Iraq.
12.21.04 FBI memos: Military interrogators impersonate FBI to avoid blame.
12.20.04 Cheney talks to Rumsfeld about growing criticism of defense secretary.
12.17.04 Bush has magic plan to fix Social Security that will cost you $2 trillion.
12.16.04 The French fry connection with McDonald's pushing fries to the addicted.
12.15.04 Bush and Rove on Kerik with mention of Townsend and Lieberman.
12.14.04 HHS nominee, Mike Leavitt, puts on Alberto Gonzales over Kerik's vetting.
12.13.04 Bernie Kerik's home help sinks his Homeland Security nomination.
12.10.04 Rove sets out Bush's second-term agenda which involves scaring us again.
12.09.04 Rumsfeld's best-ever response was not at Camp Buehring, Kuwait.
12.08.04 The torture memos released to the A.C.L.U. include Gen. Miller at Gitmo.
12.07.04 Bush on intel bill, C.I.A. memo, Iraq democracy and Rumsfeld troop time.
12.06.04 Rusmfeld remains as Secretary of Defense.
12.03.04 John Danforth resigns as U.S. ambassador to the U.N.
12.02.04 Bush's weird abstinence-only science.
12.01.04 A defensive Bush reminds Canadians he and his foreign policy were reelected.
11.30.04 Bush protestors in Canada, Red Cross and Gitmo torture. And arrest?
11.29.04 Karl Rove, the architect pope of politics and campaign 2008.
11.24.04 The end of "Rather Blather." Dan Rather resigns as anchor for CBS.
11.23.04 How the mystery provisions got added to the Omnibus Spending Bill.
11.22.04 The N.B.A. and A.P.E.C. brawls with Bush ending up suspended.
11.19.04 Powell grabs headlines over Iran missiles.
11.18.04 CIA director Porter Goss is said to be purging the agency of anti-Bush people.
11.17.04 Bush nominates Condoleeza Rice for Secretary of State.
11.16.04 Powell resigns or was he forced out ... also Cheney with his cold/heart attack.
11.15.04 Aschcroft and Frist scorn the concept of checks and balances in government.
11.12.04 Blair and Bush meet over Middle East peace, climate change and Iraq.
11.11.04 Bush nominates White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General.
11.10.04 Attorney General John Ashcroft -- the lightning rod -- resigns.
11.09.04 Rumsfeld wants to get the golden-boy glow back before leaving the cabinet.
11.08.04 The Christian right punches out Sen. Arlen Specter over judges and abortion.
11.05.04 Healing the nation ... Bush style.
11.04.04 Cheney and Bush...The day after. Mary Cheney, evangelicals, uniting, Svengali.
11.03.04 Karl Rove -- The early hours Wednesday morning.
11.02.04 Bush, Cheney, Rove -- Behind the scene on election day.
11.01.04 Bush campaigns in Ohio to firm up his Buckeye base.
10.29.04 A Cheney Halloween: Lynne as Orphan Annie and Dick as Daddy Warbucks.
10.28.04 Bush says you shouldn't choose a commander in chief like him.
10.27.04 Cheney's remarkable B.S.: a remarkable success story; plus Allawi accuses us.
10.26.04 Bush explains Geneva Accords in Iraq plus $70 billion request for war.
10.25.04 Bush and Condoleeza discuss the missing explosives at Al Qaqaa -- Al Caca.
10.22.04 Cheney fires at Kerry's hunt, and Bush's own hunt in 1994.
10.21.04 Bush's war, Ashcroft's peace; Robertson's God and Iraq, Cheney's flu shot, etc.
10.20.04 Cheney's nuke scare expands definition of politics of fear.
10.19.04 Bush, God and Bush's selective "culture of life" -- killing Iraqi civilians.
10.18.04 Discussing Zarqawi over Monday coffee at the office -- his oath to bin Laden.
10.15.04 Lynne and Dick Cheney: So gay. The Mary Cheney matter.
10.14.04 Debate 3: The final presidential debate between Bush and Kerry.
10.13.04 The Rove-to-Bush wire: Coming unwired in the final debate.
10.12.04 Bush blusters on terrorism ... terribly -- about Kerry reducing it to nuisance.
10.11.04 Debate two: When Bush ran over moderator Charlie Gibson.
10.08.04 Cheney spins the Duelfer report: Oil-for-food program as reason for war.
10.07.04 The Duelfer report says there were no WMD in Iraq at time the war began.
10.06.04 Illustrated notes on the vice-presidential debate.
10.05.04 Cheney arrives in Cleveland with his baggage for the vice-presidential debate.
10.04.04 Debate one: Was Karl Rove too good at trashing Kerry?
10.01.04 Presidential debate one.
09.30.04 Eddie Izzard in "Dress to Kill" -- It's not what you say in the debates.
09.29.04 The Bush factor on O'Reilly: License to spin in the no-spin zone.
09.28.04 Boisterous Bush: He's yelling his speeches as if loudness makes lies true.
09.27.04 Cheney talks domestic issues.
09.24.04 Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and George W. Bush: Who's in charge?
09.23.04 Don't fly with Cat Stevens if you want to arrive on time.
09.22.04 The C.I.A. is just guessing in its gloomy Iraq report says Bush.
09.21.04 Bush at the U.N. hoping for campaign bounce by acting reasonable.
09.20.04 Fiddling with the Iraq message -- Bush and Cheney in ultimate disconnect.
09.17.04 Charlie Chan in the case of the missing W.M.D. and the new report.
09.16.04 Hurricane Ivan gets Ralph Nader on Florida's absentee ballot.
09.15.04 The eye of the storm: CBS on Bush's National Guard duty.
09.14.04 Cheney, Bush and Rove ponder the Putin plan to restrict democracy.
09.13.04 Powell says Iraq not linked to 9/11 while Cheney continues rumor.
09.10.04 Cheney: Election about terrorism; plus al-Zawahri video and Hurricane Ivan.
09.09.04 Bush ponders his National Guard service problem.
09.08.04 Cheney says we'd better vote for his ticket or terrorists will attack.
09.07.04 Disconnect?! Bush believes Zell Miller will get him indies and dems.
09.03.04 Pep-rally night at the convention led by cheerleader-in-chief George W. Bush.
09.02.04 Red-meat night at the convention with Dick Cheney and Zell Miller.
09.01.04 Laura Bush delivers her speech to the Republican convention.
08.31.04 Bush says can't win war on terror, while Rudy Giuliani says Bush can.
08.30.04 Karl Rove's master plan for the G.O.P. convention: 9/11.
08.27.04 Dubya goes on the couch and says he fucked up in Iraq.
08.26.04 Dems call for Rumsfeld's resignation-- that'd be a victory for enemy say Repubs.
08.25.04 The Schlesinger panel report on Iraq faults many and Rumsfeld as boss.
08.24.04 Perspectives on the swift boat ad denouncement by Bush -- if it was.
08.23.04 Iraqi Soccer Players for Truth tell Bush not to use them in his campaign.
08.20.04 The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth launch a new trash ad against Kerry.
08.19.04 The Google initial public offering got off to a rocky start.
08.18.04 North Korea gets U.S. troop reduction in South Korea without concessions.
08.17.04 The Bush team tweaks the EPA logo as it insidiously changes regs.
08.16.04 FBI questions protestors expected at GOP convention pre-emptively.
08.13.04 Laura Bush on Larry King Live muddles her stem-cell research position.
08.12.04 The newest 9/11 Bush campaign ad: "We cannot hesitate."
08.11.04 Bush nominates Porter Goss as C.I.A. chief politicizing intelligence.
08.10.04 Laura Bush's unethical, self-serving view of stem cell research.
08.09.04 Charlie Chan in the strange case of Mohammad Naeem Noor Khan.
08.06.04 The August attacks begin ... Republican style.
08.05.04 Chicken Little is confused by the week's terror alert and explanation.
08.04.04 Tom Ridge says he doesn't do politics at Homeland Security but ...
08.03.04 Tom Ridge didn't tell us his orange-alert information was pre-9/11.
08.02.04 Workers return to the financial-sector buildings under orange alert.
07.30.04 Right before Kerry's convention speech, Pakistan discloses terrorist capture.
07.29.04 Russia stops Yukos oil sales causing spike in oil prices -- Hummers beware.
07.28.04 Vice Prevaricator Dick Cheney makes up another Iraq excuse.
07.27.04 Teresa Heinz Kerry tells journalist to "shove it."
07.26.04 Bush's secret plan for America requires four more years to carry out.
07.23.04 Per Army inquiry, no "systemic" problem caused the prisoner abuse.
07.22.04 Dennis Hastert plays political football with the 9-11 report and Sandy Berger.
07.21.04 The morphing president becomes Bush the peace president.
07.20.04 Alan Greenspan testifies before the Senate Banking Committee.
07.19.04 "The Invisible Man Returns" starring Donald Rumsfeld.
07.16.04 Cheney ends speculation about who'll be on the Republican ticket.
07.15.04 Bush tries to finesse his political, but dishonorable, stand on stem cells.
07.14.04 Donald Trump to George W. Bush -- You're fired.
07.13.04 Ridge and Soaries scare us while Bush claims he's made Americans safer.
07.12.04 Bush morphs from the war president to the anti-gay-marriage president.
07.09.04 Tenet leaves--Senate report criticizing C.I.A.on Iraq pre-war intelligence out.
07.08.04 Ken Lay is indicted -- fraud or fool?
07.07.04 Contrasting the styles of Dick Cheney and John Edwards.
07.06.04 Matthew Dowd spins the Bush take on Kerry's V.P. selection.
07.02.04 Alice-in-Wonderland take on Saddam's trial as payback land.
07.01.04 Perry Mason analyzes the application of the death penalty to Saddam.
06.30.04 Supreme Court emerges from 9/11 hibernation to rediscover the bill of rights.
06.29.04 Bailing out Bush like his dad's friends did -- The U.N. and NATO.
06.28.04 The sneak handover of Iraq.
06.25.04 Dick Cheney tells Patrick Leahy to fuck himself on the Senate floor.
06.24.04 U.S. negotiates nukes with Kim Jong Il of North Korea.
06.23.04 Shocking news in the torture document release -- Rumsfeld tortured daily.
06.22.04 New poll shows Kerry thought more honest and trustworthy than Bush.
06.21.04 Cheney changes dialogue from big reasons for attacking Iraq to small ones.
06.18.04 Rumsfeld plays hide-and-seek with the I.R.C. in Iraq with ghost detainees. .
06.17.04 Bush lets Cheney imply that Saddam was behind 9/11 with al Qaeda ties.
06.16.04 Vice Prevaricator Dick Cheney and his changing reasons for war with Iraq.
06.15.04 The Saudi terrierist bites the hand that nourished it for years.
06.14.04 Powell apologizes for report that terrorism is down when it's up.
06.11.04 Bush awkwardkly spins the torture memos at Sea Island press conference.
06.10.04 Republicans try to capitalize on the death of Ronald Reagan.
06.09.04 U.N. passes the Iraq resolution that Bush bent over backwards to get.
06.08.04 Administration lawyers' memos on the legality of torture surface.
06.07.04 Bush asks God who speaks for him: The Pope or Bush?
06.04.04 C.I.A. director George Tenet resigns with bonus strip about yellow cake.
06.03.04 Bush consults outside lawyer and his management style is maybe beneficial.
06.02.04 Bush campaigns in Colorado as the "war president."
06.01.04 Bush trashes Kerry in record-level negative ads.
05.31.04 Paul Wolfowitz doesn't answer hypothets on Iraqi sovereignty.
05.28.04 Bushies try to change the subject from Iraq to terrorism.
05.27.04 Al Gore calls for a clean sweep of the Bush administration.
05.26.04 Ashcroft-Mueller news conference about terrorism at FBI headquarters.
05.25.04 Bush speech on Iraq, Oregon lawyer Brandon Mayfield and Gen. Sanchez.
05.24.04 The Bush twins graduate and don't sign up for service in Iraq.
05.21.04 White House Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales trashes the Geneva Conventions.
05.20.04 This system is broken Gen. Abizaid testifies.
05.19.04 Generals testify, Sivits court martial, Fahrenheit 9/11, no-buy-gas e-mail.
05.18.04 Hummers, gas prices, Bush and the Strategic Oil Reserve.
05.17.04 The downside for Karl Rove, Rumsfeld -- the upside, gay marriage.
05.14.04 Wolfowitz of Arabia testifies before the Armed Services Committee.
05.13.04 Ask what Rummy would do and Rummy-do's.
05.12.04 The F.D.A. rejects over-the-counter morning-after pill.
05.11.04 Rumsfeld must go, but the Bushies say that sends wrong message.
05.10.04 Gen. Geoffrey D. Miller says he's not closing Abu Ghraib prison.
05.07.04 Rumsfeld answers criticism and testifies at the armed services committee.
05.06.04 Rumsfeld spins torture.
05.05.04 Bush and the Taguba Report on Iraqi abuses.
05.04.04 Dominatrix wants to work in Iraqi prisons.
05.03.04 Maj. Gen. Saleh put in charge in Fallujah and Saddam dreams.
04.30.04 Karl Rove regrets Mission Accomplished banner.
04.29.04 Bush and Cheney testify at 9/11 commission.
04.28.04 Karen Hughes attacks John Kerry over medal tossing.
04.27.04 Alien Michael Jackson returns to his galaxy.
04.26.04 Abortion Rights march in D.C. taunted by a fringe lunatic.
04.23.04 Condaleezza misspeaks calling Bush her husband.
04.22.04 Colin Powell speaks to Prince Bandar from the refridgerator.
04.21.04 George W. Bush's polls head south.
04.21.04 Colin Powell calls Douglas Feith's office the Gestapo office.
04.21.04 Dick Cheney has a fever in the Gestapo office.
04.21.04 Alan Greenspan testifies before the Senate Banking Committee.
04.20.04 Condoleezza Rice's back-of-the-hair flip grows.

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