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Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and President George W. Bush held a joint news conference in the Rose Garden yesterday. Above is the question and answer that didn't happen. However, Bush and Allawi are on message together. Blame the press for negative reporting about Iraq. That's it. There's not really that big of a problem ... just negative reporting.

Allawi was interviewed by Jim Lehrer a couple of days ago. He casually said that the problem is the negative reporting. He continued on saying essentially that we needed speak with one voice to defeat the terrorists (shades of Cheney). Lehrer looked incredulous and asked Allawi if he was saying he didn't want the press to report the truth. Allawi's long, rambling answer didn't seem to directly respond. Instead he gave an example of a Iraqi political convention that he said wasn't reported though I read about it at the time. Welcome to free speech, Mr. Allawi.

Here's a link to the Bush-Allawi Rose Garden appearance in the New York Times.


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