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George W. Bush's campaign message on Iraq is ultimate disconnect (See Washington Post lead editorial on Sunday). We see images of violence on TV and read about bombings, shootings and kidnapping in the newspapers. Yet Bush perseveres with his message that Iraq is free, it has a strong leader and elections are on the way (See CNN report from Saturday). The perfect metaphor is the legend of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Sunday, several prominent Republicans said on TV that Iraq is a mess, even saying that Bush has not told Americans how bad it is and criticizing him for his mistakes (See Reuters report from Sunday). Of course, Democrats joined in those claims and added that Bush is trying to keep Iraq on the back burner because of the campaign. Some say that Bush is going to activate Reserves and National Guard after the election, and also that attacks on insurgent strongholds will occur post-election under Bush plans. With all the criticism, I expect something to happen sooner.

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