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I decided to have some fun with Dick Cheney's mission to convince us that the sole, entire issue of the campaign is the Bushies expanded version of the war on terrorism. They've missed the real point of fighting Al Qaeda and bringing Afghanistan to a resolution because of their mistake in Iraq.

On Thursday, Osama bin Laden's number two guy, Ayman al-Zahwari appeared in a videotape broadcast by Al-Jazeera. What a creep. He bragged how they were winning in Afghanistan while he and Osama are in reality spending their time hiding out.

Also, Hurricane Ivan is fluctuating between a category 4 and 5 storm. It's a small, tightly spun, dangerous hurricane with a projected path to the U.S. and likely Florida.

When Cheney did his elect-us-or-die talk earlier this week he said a version of the dialogue of the last two frames. In a New York Times story on that appearance, David E. Sanger and David M. Halbfinger wrote that Cheney also said that if Kerry "was elected the nation risked lapsing to a 'pre-9/11 mind-set' where attacks are viewed as criminal acts, not part of a war against terrorism."

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