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George W. Bush's newest television ad shows scenes from the Olympics along with flags from Iraq and Afghanistan. The narrator mentions them as two new free nations competing. So far, so good for Bush. How quickly things can change.

Members of the Iraqi soccer team objected to being used by Bush. The words in the above Scribble were actually spoken by Iraqi team member Salih Sadir. It gets worse. Another player asks how Bush can face his god given all the people he's killed. Coach Adnan Hamad talks about how much has been destroyed in Iraq and the hatred for America. See the Sports Illustrated article by Grant Wahl to see these other quotes about how Bush has made people hate America and the full story.

The team members do say they're happy not to be playing under Uday Hussein, the creep who used to abuse them if he didn't like their performance. Regardless, they don't want to be occupied and they definitely don't want to be used by Bush. Speaking of Bush that's him in the background portrayed as a young party-till-you-drop guy like he was about the same time as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are portraying Kerry as a young protestor in their latest ad. I've done the party scene myself when I was young. 08.23.04

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