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George W. Bush has made an about-face and decided to initiate negotiations with Kim Jong Il of North Korea. He's the leader with the admitted, substantiated W.M.D., in this case nukes -- unlike Saddam Hussein, Bush's and the neocons' personal enemy that has taken the country away form true missions beneficial to the America. Hard-line conservatives are angry at Bush's dealing with Kim.

Prodded by Asian allies, the United States has issued a series of requirements together with a timetable regarding North Korea's nuclear program. The administration is calling it a "test" of North Korea's willingness to deal. If North Korea agrees to meet the requirements on schedule, the U.S. will ship heavy oil and food to the country.

Additionally, if North Korea agrees to the requirements, America will provide a written statement that it will not attack North Korea. However, it is thought that Kim, together with the rest of the world, has noticed that the U.S. is stretched thin militarily between Afghanistan and Iraq. 06.24.04

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