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The Bush twins -- Barbara and Jenna -- graduate from Yale and the University of Texas at Austin, respectively. First they'll do a spread for Vogue. Then they plan to take a modern version of the Grand Tour and then work for their father's campaign. Eventually, each plans to do volunteer work, Barbara with AIDS and Jenna in education. [per Washington Post report by Dana Milbank on May 23].

It struck me as noteworthy that in a time when women go into the military as readily as men, and at a time we're stuck in a war that is George W. Bush's and his neocons' doing that neither enlisted in the military. Of course I didn't expect them too, and in fairness neither may support the Iraq war (though since they'll campaigning for Bush, one can assume they do). Regardless, it's a continuation of the trend today of the ruling class having others' children fight their wars for them.

It would have been fun had either chosen the military to see if their parents would have tried to talk them out of it. As it is, they are following somewhat in their fathers footsteps. He worked on a campaign during the Vietnam War. 05.24.04

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