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By Charles Pugsley Fincher, A Spin-Off of
Newest Scribble, below. Yesterday's Scribble, Archive: Bush and Hog write the State of the Union ... also SpongeBob.

Dubya's Friday Funnies: George W. Bush operatives screen his Social Security rallies to make sure the crowds are all loyalists. Ironically, Bush then proceeds to go on about how Social Security isn't a partisan issue.

Rummy's Friday Funnies: Donald Rumsfeld revealed on Larry King last night that he'd submitted his resignation to Bush twice during the Abu Ghraib scandal. Of course, Bush refused to accept either resignation since either firing Rumsfeld or allowing him to resign at that time would have been an admission of Bush's own errors relating to Iraq.

Alberto's Friday Funnies: Alberto Gonzales was confirmed as Attorney General yesterday by a surprisingly close Senate vote yesterday. But, he may not remember since he has memory problems -- He says he can't remember his role in the torture memos.


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